Mini-blog February 2012 - Great new blogs to read!!

Hello from beautiful snow-covered mountains in the BC interior! Am on a family vacation - they ski, I read blogs :)
I brought magazines to read on the plane, some of which I rarely purchase including Martha Stewart Living. I noticed it was her annual gardening issue so I thought I'd see what Superwoman would be doing in the month of March. (I've always been so envious of how much she can accomplish in her house, her garden, etc until I remember she has Staff!) Surprisingly, I found her March TO DO calendar to have quite a few practical suggestions. She also features 3 really interesting people who write great blogs with gorgeous photos. I thought you might want to take a look:
The first one is written by Marie Viljoen, a South African native now living with her husband and cat in a one bedroom, fourth-floor walkup apartment in Brooklyn. She grows all kinds of fabulous flowers, herbs and vegetables in pots on the balcony. Amazing! Meet her at:

Next Martha introduces Lee Clippard and John Stott who garden in Austin, Texas. Last summer was one of the hottest Texas had ever experienced and Clippard documented his efforts, successes and failures in his blog:

The third gardener is Ivette Soler, a Los Angeles garden designer. To quote the author: "I think of my blog as one big garden party". In her blog she discusses gardening as it pertains to entertaining. Check her out:

It's always fun to check out new blogs and these 3 were worth reading!!

On the last page of the magazine, Dominique Browning writes an interesting article. I loved her apt description of most gardeners:

"…Gardeners love everything about gardening. They love the aching knees, the twinge in the back, the bee-stung arms, the stiff curling fingers. They love the impossible nature of keeping things in order: that's why they must always tell visitors they are visiting at the wrong time, for the garden was at its peak last week or is sure to be next week."

How true…….