Shows and Green Walls, another busy week in my Garden Designer life! ;)

Hello again :)
What exciting forthnight! I spent a week at Great Dixter and the following one across London events :)

As you may have read on Facebook, despite the very poor start in bed with the flu, I somehow  managed to attend the RHS London Plant & Design Show, where was fabulous to meet such passionate and knowledgeable exhibitors!

On Tuesday I had to skip the Tom Hart Dyke talk (a modern plants-hunter!) due to the flu, but on Wednesday I felt so brave to put my nose out and I attended a talk on wildlife from Juliet Sargeant MSGD :)

The week continued at the Garden Museum, where I had a peek at the 'Flowers, Love and Money' exhibition, and where I was pleasantly surprised by the 'Roses' installation of Rebecca Louise Law.

And the week could not end better then at Greenwich University, where guided by Benz Kotzen and Shelley Mosco (you certainly remember her Van Gogh Green Wall in Trafalgar Square), we built a experimental Green Wall in the campus{more pictures here}.

And the upcoming week? I will be at the Garden Museum for the Sarah Raven Lunchtime talk (I really can't wait!!!!), and I will attend another SGD Development day, which I am sure will be as much interesting as all the previous ones. And I will design, of course!!! :):):)

Sarah Raven
{Picture Source: The Telegraph}

As the working life is getting busier, is getting more difficoult to find time for blogging, but please fell free to join me on Facebook and Twitter, where I am still very chatty! ;)

What are your weekly-plans? Are you attending any interesting lecture or group meeting? Are you still sowing? :) I would love to hear from you! :)

Baci and Bisous,