Please, have a seat!

Gardeners are hard workers. Very hard workers. Sure we say things like, oh! it's not work, not when you're doing something you really love! But face it - a lot of it is physical, back-breaking labour, especially in the spring.

So there's nothing nicer than having a quiet, wonderful spot to sit, so later you and others can enjoy the view of great design and plants.

Lucky are the folks who have a beautiful wrap-around porch that overlooks the front or backyard.

Nothing is more enjoyable than dining al fresco on a warm, calm summer's evening…..

A pretty overhanging lamp plus candle-lit lanterns guarantee a fun evening can last long into the night.

Even tiny yards can squeeze in a pretty little nook to sit in. Look at the delightful bright cushions!

These days, you can choose any style of furniture you like. Perhaps something very modern and striped?

Or just as modern but very teak-y?

Here Muskoka chairs overlook a beautiful northern Ontario lake…….

……whereas it's so relaxing to sit beside a tranquil suburban pool.

Imagine tucking yourself into a corner of this lovely bench and just reading the afternoon away.

How about a secret hidden spot where no one can find you?

Perhaps a tropical gazebo in Africa………..

or a breakfast table overlooking the Serengeti.

Just remember to include a scary gargoyle to watch over your garden parties!