Seeds of love 2013 - Winners and surprises!

What amazing days!!! Thanks to Isabella and her great iniziative, in just 4 days I have been catapulted in a frenetic and enthusiast community of Garden-Lovers spread through all the Europe!


I met a lot of new people, found talented photographers, many interesting blogs and  .... I even won a lot of seeds!!!! :D :D :D Could have been more enjoyable? :) :) :)

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Isabella asked everyone to offer at least 3 different kind of seeds and to extract at least 3 partecipants.
I chose a combination of 5 sun-lover plants in a very warm palette, and through I extracted 3 lucky people...

59 ---> Laurent, who brings at home Oryza sativa 'Black Madras', 
Hibiscus trionum 'Simply Love'
  and Libertia grandiflora  .
31 ---> Eddy, who brings at home Hibiscus trionum 'Simply Love' and Helianthus annuus 'Total Eclipse'
37 ---> Zoraly, who brings at home Oryza sativa 'Black Madras', Hibiscus trionum 'Simply Love'  and Libertia grandiflora   as well!

The number of available seeds was not enough to extract other numbers... but the  Tropaeolum majus 'Tom Thumb Mixed' seeds were waiting to explore the I scrolled the list until I found someone ready to welcome them  in their garden: Lydie and Régine, numbers 10 & 12!

It seemed all settled... BUT there have been so lovely partecipants, so  fabulous people and I could not even think about leave the other  with bare hands (or bare pots!!!). My profession (and passion!) has led me to have a little collection of very interesting seeds...however most of them are in very limited quantities... how send them without hurt anyone? And how to decide what to send to who? 

I was thinking about it...when my eye crossed the sketchbook with my ideas for the new blog... Mumble Mumble...

And suddently I found!!! The next 50 hours will see the birth of my New Blog and of Mercurelli's Garden Design FB page ... I cannot wait and I keep wondering what people will think about them! So...why do not combine the two!?!?!?

Would be very useful to me to know your impression and thought about to give another opportunity to those who have not been extracted... I will offer 6 PERSONALIZED SEEDS  COMBINATION to 6 people extracted between the Blog and the FB page!

Details will follow soon! :)

Hope you will appreciate my idea and that all SOL partecipants enjoyed this great great event! :)

Thanks so much Isabelle!!!!