Wordless day: The Rose Garden at Hampton Court

One of the 'secrets' to cope with my fast-paced, ultra flexible and exciting Garden Designer life...are my Sunday mornings! :) After a week of planning, designing, organizing, and managing I treat myself with a special morning every week. Its simple rhythm is a key to restore the energies and to welcome the next week with a wheelbarrow full of smiles and enthusiasm :)

These the ingredients of my simple, restoring, Sunday mornings: 
Wake up, a beloved fiancè who appears with pan au chocolate (optional), Mass and...Hampton Court!!! :)

Hampton Court is the fantastic Royal Palace where I studied Garden Design. I am really passionate about it and I could spend hours telling you about its history and its gardens. Almost every Sunday I go there after the Mass and I let it restore and inspire me while having a relaxing walk with my other half. I alwas take some pictures...but only today I realised I have never shared them! How greedy! :) Let me fix it by showing yesterday morning shoots in the scented Rose Garden: 

{Rosa 'Rosy Cushion'}
{Rosa 'John Clare' (Pink) and Rosa 'Golden Celebration' (Yellow)}

{Here and below, Rosa 'Scepter'd Isle'}
{Rosa 'Scepter'd Isle' close-up}
{Rosa 'Golden Celebration' (yellow) and Rosa 'Winchester Cathedral' (white)}
{Rosa 'Harlow Carr', perfectly matching the pink tips of the Actinidia kolomikta in the background }
Hope you enjoyed it! :)