Lovely Tulips and Daffodils

Tulips and daffodils! They are so….so…..Spring-y! That sounds lame but how else can I describe the way they make me feel? They represent warm weather and being able to garden after a cold, snowy winter. They look lovely paired with other spring flowers like Bleeding Hearts and Brunnera (above).
they are sensational on their own and massed.

I look through my old Garden Journals and I have planted lots of bulbs since 1991. I should have THOUSANDS but that is hardly the case. Early in my gardening career, many died and rotted in lower areas because I didn't realize that water would collect there. Tulips really only last 3-4 years because they are so highly hybridized these days but where are the rest? A gardening conundrum, that's for sure. Even the daffodils which should multiply in great numbers have not done so. Sigh…....

Oh well - let's enjoy the ones I have:

Estella Rijnfeld - the loveliest of parrot tulips and stunningly gorgeous as cut flowers in a vase

Apeldoorn - a classic old Dutch Darwin tulip in the brightest red

Pink Triumph: an interesting colour - a cross between pink and lilac

Used to have 10 or 12 of these but now only 3 are left: Lustige Witwe

I have two "black" tulips - above is Black Parrot…….

and the famous Queen of the Night

White Triumphator (which looks quite yellow in this photo but is actually white)

I am not averse to having orange in the garden (in small doses) - this is General de Wet

And now for a few of my favourite daffs. These babies (4" tall) are Hawera

Dainty, nodding Thalia

Pale-yellow centred Ice Follies

And my ULTIMATE favourite - Tahiti.

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