Water in the Garden

Water features in the garden have become very popular over the years. There's a wide variety to choose from: simple birdbaths, ponds, fountains and swimming pools can all enhance the overall look of a backyard.

Even in our very small yard in the 80's, we had an inground swimming pool. I remember trying to get a quote for an inground pool in a yard that was probably 30' x 40'. Six companies laughed at me until Company #7 said: Ok. We can do it. And they did!! Not only did it look lovely, but we had many hours of enjoyment for ourselves and with friends and neighbours.

In our present yard, space was not an issue but I wanted the pool in before starting to plan a garden (we moved into the house when it was brand new and the backyard was an empty palette). Again, the pool has been a source of relief on hot dry summer days as well as a gorgeous turquoise focal point to be seen from the deck or the kitchen.

Here is a shot of my neighbour's pool with a stunning planter beside it.

I took this photo while on a Toronto garden tour. What a spectacular pool and property!!

The same backyard had a small pond with a fountain.

On a previous garden tour, this shady little nook had a charming statue and a small stone-lined pond.

Bird baths come in a variety of styles and are like a sculpture in a border.

Flowing water looks and sounds nice - here it's in a very contemporary setting.

Speaking of contemporary - this was a lovely water feature highlighting moving water and colourful rocks.

Here is a more formal setting.

And then there are those who are lucky enough to have a river behind their yard!!

Even without a river, you sometimes still get……ducks!

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