Seeds of Love 2013!!!! - I am taking part! :)

'Seeds of Love' is a great contest created by Isabelle of 'A little Bit of Paradise', aiming to spread the love for plants through a great seed swapping event which involves partecipants from all Europe, mostly from Belgium, France and Italy.


Each partecipant offers some seeds and by leaving a comment on another partecipant's page, could win the desired seeds of his/her choice. You can find the complete regulation here and the list of seeds here (there is a web translator on the left to help you in case you don't speak French ;P)

Lead by the example of Tiziana e Maurizio I could not resist from taking part, and considering the very romantic palette of seeds already offered, I chose 5 heartwarming plants which colours range from white to deep brown.

1) Oryza sativa 'Black Madras' - from the Eden Project.
A cultivated deep-brown leaf form of edible rice. Will suit a sunny/partly shaded area of the garden and will grow well in pots. Eco-tip? Great where the rain is abundant, avoid it in dry condition due to the amount of water required. Aprox 40cm high.

2) Hibiscus trionum 'Simply Love' - from the Eden Project.
Attractive creamy yellow blossoms with a chocolate-maroon centre. Originating in Africa, will suit a sunny and warm position in the garden. A curiosity? It is called 'The flower of the hour' because the wild species blooms for just one hour in the morning. Aprox 75cm high.

3) Helianthus annuus 'Total Eclipse'.
A delighful and contrasting colour blend of flowers and leaves. Plant in full sun. Aprox 60cm high.

4) Libertia grandiflora - Handpicked seeds from the Garden Museum.
I felt in love with this genre when planting in the 20th century garden of Hampton Court. A useful perennial that will suit a sunny, well-drained spot of the garden. I love its colour changes through the seasons. Aprox 90cm high.

5) Tropaeolum majus 'Tom Thumb Mixed'.
Last but not least, an easy and fast annual that is perfect to quickly fill gaps left by growing perennials/shrubs. Its vibrant colour is perfect to cheer the mood. It is also perfect for container, it is edible (in small quantities!) and encourage pollinators. What can you ask more? Sunny and well drained position. Aprox 30cm high.

Here my earthy-colour choices...hope you will enjoy them! ;)