Garden Art

Here in Ontario it's unseasonably warm today - +13C! I think we broke a record. All the snow has melted for now…until the next big storm comes in from the American Midwest or East. If you feel the urge to get "out there", go for it!!

But for most of us, it will still be an indoor day. I've always said that winter is a great time for planning. Bloggers are used to taking pictures of their gardens but beginner gardeners should also consider this as an excellent form of records keeping.

Without foliage or snow, it's easy to see bare areas of garden beds, especially if you do not cut down your perennials for winter. Could a small statue or birdbath add interest for next spring and summer? If your property is big, perhaps it's time to invest in a bigger sculptural piece that would provide a major focal point.

Where can you find garden art? These days you can shop online, at local garden centres and nurseries, on Kijiji and e-Bay. Local artisan tours could provide interesting and unusual pieces as well.

Here are some of my own garden sculptures as well as interesting shots of garden art I have taken over the years.

When I was searching for my first "quality" garden sculpture, a friend recommended that I try a small garden centre just outside of Kitchener. I had great luck!
When I first stopped by, I found a lovely statue of a little girl feeding birds from seeds in her apron. The tag said her name was "Elaine". She has remained for 20 something years in a border near the deck. She looks great in summer and winter, and since I placed her on a stone slab, she has never cracked or broken, even though she remains outside every winter.

Next season I went back and found a delightful rabbit and fish. I do lug these guys into the garage each fall, because I would hate it if they cracked.

Somehow statues of herons always look graceful and distinctive in the garden. The first 2 birds are from a wonderful store on Prince Edward Island called the Dunes and the gold ones are in my friend Sheila's garden.

My neighbour has put a large clock on display as well some formal white columns at the back of the garden.

Sheila has a wonderful lady with "interesting" hair!

….as well as a very elegant moss-y Lady near the front entrance

Some statuary is downright scary!

Not all art has to be vertical statues. Decorative Tiles are very interesting.

And if your property is vast, emphasize the point with a large……wolf!