A Lovely Autumn Morning

Today is one of those famous Ontario fall mornings: crisp temperatures, sunny skies and soft winds. It is SO NICE OUTSIDE!!! Time to grab the camera and do a little photo shoot….

The Monkshood has finally made an appearance!!

One single David Austin rose still wants to bloom.

Pictures cannot do justice to the Pin Oak in sunlight…

The Linden tree is beautifully yellow. ( Don't worry Dear Readers - although we are of strong Nordic stock, we are NOT still swimming in the pool at this point! Brrrr!! We'll close it soon…)

The urns are a bit of a mish-mash of leftover summer "spillers" and autumn branches and grasses

The street looks great too.

The grown-from-seed ornamental kale has come into its own.

And the plumes of the Miscanthus grass are a soft purple………..