August 15 - Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

Every gardener and every garden blogger has lamented this summer's high temperatures and lack of rain. I certainly have! But despite these 2 major setbacks, the flowers carry on, brave souls!!

So here's what's blooming in my garden on August 15th Garden Blogger's Bloom Day:

Asiatic lily 'Strawberry and Cream'

Black-Eyed Susans (Rudbeckia hirta)

Daylily 'Mateus'

Cream coloured shrub rose (blooming for a second time around)

Beautiful wine-coloured Scabiosa that I grew from seed. Since the package was labelled Imperial Giants Mixed, most are a pale mauve but one bloomed this fabulous burgundy colour.

Anise hyssop

White phlox

The oakleaf hydrangea is already turning from pink to bronze

2 different colours of self-seeding Sweet Pea

Coral bells are blooming for a second time…..

….as is the 'Anthony Waterer' Spirea.

Last but not least is the Morning Glory on the back fence.

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day is a Meme created by May Dreams Gardens
Gardeners post images of what's blooming in their garden on the 15th day of every month. All are welcome to participate.