One Lovely Blog Award!!

Early this year, I joined a garden blogger's website called Blotanical. I was immediately welcomed by some very sincere, very talented garden bloggers whose blogs are now an auto-read for me.
One of these wonderful gardeners is Helene Taylor who lives in England. Her garden shines like a small, precious jewel. Helene battles numerous health problems but you would never guess that, judging by her well kept-up garden full of exquisite, beautiful plants. Bookmark her blog - it will soon become one of your favourites too!
It is an honour that Helene nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award! Thank you so much Helene!! I have been trying to improve my blog layout and photos and I guess she feels this has paid off! I now have another wonderful award to add to my credit.

The rules for the One Lovely Blog award are:

a) Thank the nominator and link to his/her site

b) Share 7 things about yourself

c) Nominate up to 10 other bloggers for the award

Here are 7 things you never knew about me:

1. My birthday is on the cusp of Taurus/Gemini, making me a stubborn dual-personality!

2. I just watched the movie Tangled with my granddaughter. I think I enjoyed the jokes and slapstick humour more than she did!!

3. On Pinterest, I have 43 Boards and have pinned (and repinned) a total of 3,513 items. A friend recently commented: "...Clearly you are retired" :)……..The link to my boards is on my Homepage.

4. I successfully baked and assembled a Gateau St. Honore for my Dad's 80th birthday!

5. I shoot pictures for my blog using a previously-owned Nikon D40

6. I hate tuna: fresh, grilled, canned and sushimi

7. I am obsessed with the Game of Thrones. I have watched both seasons on HBO and am now halfway through Book 3 Storm of Swords. I ADORE Arya, Tyrion and Jon Snow. I DETEST Joffrey and Theon (therefore both author and the series have portrayed them well, if they can elicit this type of emotion from me!)

I follow a number of very interesting blogs. Some of the bloggers have already received this award (and deservedly so) therefore:

I nominate the following blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award:

Jennifer at

Nadezda at

Cristina at

Melissa Clark at

Donald at

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Kate at

Jean at

Jeff at

So there you have it! 7 random things you never knew about me and a whole list of new, wonderful, LOVELY blogs to start following!!

(My only regret is that Blogger says I have "…exceeded my photo upload quota" and therefore will not be able to post the picture of the One Lovely Blog award on my right nav :(