Diary April 17 - New Blooms!!

Wouldn't you know it? Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day was Sunday and here it is 2 days later - 
and I have more things blooming!!!!!
 So I thought I would show you some of today's beauties anyway:

Sweet smelling Thalia daffodil - 2 blooms on 1 stalk

White trillium

Red Trillium (mine is almost a burgundy colour)

Labrador violets with their little purple leaves

Pink Triumph Tulip (although I planted Flaming Parrot and Blushing Girl!!)
Must have been packaged wrong - it's lovely anyway.

The Viburnum x burkwoodii opened and it's oh! so fragrant!!

The squirrels haven't touched the rest of the Apeldoorn tulips so I thought I'd shoot a photo of them with the stone fish
(I put my 3 statues out the other day - this fish, my little girl reading a book and Brer Rabbit)