Canada Blooms is Canada's largest garden and flower show featuring display gardens, workshops, expert speakers and a marketplace over a 6 acre area at Exhibition Place in Toronto. My girlfriend and I had a great time taking in the fragrances and beauty of the flowers as well as checking out ideas for our own gardens. Let me show you some of the highlights, starting with new plants we'd never seen before:

Helleborus ballardiae 'Pink Frost'

Campanula punctata 'Cherry Bells'

Heuchera 'Hercules'

'Queen Bee' Petunia

New Guinea Impatiens 'Magnum Fire'

Medinilla magnifica

Bergenia 'Magic Giant'

I was surprised that vegetables were so widely featured! They were integrated into flower beds, they were in planters, they were in big long boxes and on trellised walls. Some of the ideas were very creative.

At first this just looked like a neat way to use a wheelbarrow as a planter "box" but there were lots of vegetables featured! Lettuce, little onions and swiss chard as well as flowers!

There were very nicely done display gardens as well as display walls.

Lovely chairs and creative seating areas were featured.

(We liked this suspended table but wondered what would happen if a guest leaned on it!!)

The orchid display was a fitting ending to a lovely day!!